Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feasibility Study for the Hengchun Branch Line

A little while ago I wrote about a Ministry of Transportation proposal to build a rail line from Kaohsiung to Hengchun.  According to the Central News Agency, the ministry has now has allotted NT$8 million (US$270,000) for a feasibility study which will determine if the line will be worth building.  The study will begin next year, and, if everything goes smoothly, construction could begin in 2017 and finish by 2023.  The line is expected to cost as least NT$30 billion (just over US$1 billion), and would be 38 kilometers long.  This comes out to NT$789 million/km (US$26 million/km).
A trip from New Zuoying to Hengchun on the line would take 90 minutes.  Currently seven million people make the trip to Kending every year.

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